Andressa Alves features “The Doll I’ve never Asked” for Nike

Andressa Alves features “The Doll I’ve never Asked” for Nike



Wieden + Kennedy São Paulo and Nike to honor all the girls who loves balls rather than dolls launched a commercial spot that tells the story of Andressa Alves, a Brazilian footballer star called “The Doll I’ve Never Asked” to discuss the difficulties and barriers imposed on girls in childhood that keep them away from the sport.

Like most women in Brazil and around the world, Andressa Alves, Brazilian striker, has always been “gifted” with dolls as a child. Not for wanting them, but for the simple fact of being a girl. Passionate about soccer, the option that little Andressa found at the time was to turn her dolls into something that really was of interest to her: doll heads became the first soccer balls of the future star.

“My story with the dolls is something that happens till today with a lot of girls, but I was fortunate to always have the support of my parents. I’m happy to be able to debate this issue and hope it will be an inspiration for the girls not to give up on their dreams”, Andressa Alves says. “People need to understand that we are as passionate about sports as men, and I’m sure that this initiative will yield great results for the future of women’s football,” concludes the Barcelona star.

Besides the film, the doll that became a ball materialized and came to life in the hands Elisa Sassi, an artist and designer who designed the ideal doll for a new generation of girls who loves the  sport: a “doll ball” ready to play football, which was sent exclusively to athletes, influencers and women engaged and connected with the development of women’s football in the country.

It may sound crazy, but even after reaching the top of her career, Andressa still looks at the dolls the way she looked as a child: a potential soccer ball.