W+K São Paulo is Bonafont’s new agency


Through a bidding process, Danone Águas Brasil chose Wieden+Kennedy SP as the new advertising agency for its Bonafont brand.

Bonafont, which has been in the country for 10 years and is the #2 mineral water brand in sales in Brazil, despite only targeting the São Paulo – Rio de Janeiro region, will rely on the agency’s strategic and creative work to drive its growth and win over new customers.

“This is a key moment for Bonafont. Over the past ten years, we have established a new value proposition and increased the relevance of mineral water. Now, through this partnership with W+K, we intend to revolutionize our communication, content and customer service models,” stated Eduardo Lacerda, Bonafont brand lead at Danone Águas Brasil.

“Danone’s goal is very similar to our own when it comes to communications: we both want to build strong bonds with our target audience. Our teams have gotten along very well since the beginning of the process and we are all committed to doing a great job. We are very excited,” said André Gustavo, Managing Director at W+K São Paulo.