Bis Oreo: a perfect combination

The campaign created by Wieden+Kennedy celebrates the union of two very desirable brands.

 One of the most anticipated Bis flavors is now a reality. The new Bis Oreo is the union of two brands greatly loved by the public: Bis, which needs no introduction, and Oreo, the most beloved cookie brand in the world. The coming together of this couple deserves to be celebrated.

The campaign, created by Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo, begins with a video inspired by the most romantic scenes in film history. We watch the passionate encounter between a Bis and an Oreo. They run hand in hand toward a lake of white chocolate. The Brazilian song Alma Gêmea (“Soulmate”) plays in the background, making the scene even more romantic. Next we see that the result of this passion is the Bis Oreo.

This story of this famous couple continues on social media, with posts showing other moments in the lives of Bis and Oreo, who are now together.