Facebook and Tomie Ohtake Institute open “Somos”, a Bob Wolfenson photo exhibition

Facebook and Tomie Ohtake Institute open “Somos”, a Bob Wolfenson photo exhibition

Facebook Groups bring together different people with shared interests, and are becoming increasingly stronger and more representative in the social network. To “give these groups a face,” or yet, to discover the faces of their participants, is what inspired the photographic series featured in the “Somos” (“We Are”) exhibition signed by photographer Bob Wolfenson.

Some of the pieces in the exhibition opening today at Tomie Ohtake Institute portray the most recent campaign created by Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo for Facebook. Others are new, unpublished works that were conceived specifically for this exhibition.

Facebook’s Marketing Manager, Bernnardo Bonnard, participated in selecting the photographs and says “Everyone appearing in the photos is a Groups member; some had never met in person, even though they frequently talk and support each other on Facebook. These are very strong images, as they celebrate the strength of a group of people coming together, whether it’s to discuss parenthood, beauty standards, or their love of pets.”

More than a panorama about promoting groups in the digital world, this exhibition is a personal statement and a celebration of people coming together. “Somos” is an installation about the casual nature and power of discovering yourself as part of something much bigger.

For Diego Limerti, Wieden+Kennedy Creative Director, “the exhibition will allow people to connect with the concept of the campaign in an emotional and organic way. This is definitively a unique and creative opportunity to communicate and move people.”

The exhibition is open to the public at no cost, and everyone who visits the Institute by January 12 will be able to contemplate the images in large formats, detached from the hustle-and-bustle of everyday life. The exhibition also features newly released videos that show details of the stories captured by the artist.