Old Spice Launches a Reality Show to Find the Most Courageous and Fearless Person in Brazil

The program, which is called Pimp The Extreme Ninja Master Runway Chef Ink Tank Factor Has Talent Brasil, was created by Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo, airs on the Space channel, and is characterized by the brand’s signature irreverence, from its name to its challenges

Like all of the brand’s communications, Old Spice, the leading men’s deodorant brand in the United States,* has come up with yet another innovation and launched an unprecedented action to promote the recently-launched Cabra Macho fragrance. This time, Old Spice’s innovation is the reality show of reality shows: Pimp The Extreme Ninja Master Runway Chef Ink Tank Factor Has Talent Brasil. The program, which will put four participants to the test to find out which one is the manliest, will debut on November 28. There will be four weekly episodes, which will air on Tuesdays at 10:25 PM on the Space channel and on the brand’s social media channels. The reruns will be shown on the Turner, Warner and TNT channels.

The program parodies all reality shows and features challenges like having the contestants cook desserts using car parts while getting their arms tattooed, having the contestants walk down a catwalk sporting a fashionable outfit while singing a jingle to sell their innovative business idea, and much more.

“Brazilians love reality shows and we wanted to incorporate this into the brand’s communications, but not in just any old way. Old Spice’s communications are unique, so we had to come up with a completely different spin on reality shows, and that is what we did,” said Julia Asakawa, Marketing Manager at P&G Deodorants.

Filmed by Landia, directed by Lucas Shannon, the show draws upon Old Spice’s unique style to introduce the brand’s new communication format: the production of authoritative content.

“We added a good dose of craziness and sarcasm, Old Spice’s registered trademarks, to one of TVs most popular formats,” declared Renato Simões, ECD at W+K. It’s content. It’s entertainment. It’s engaging. It’s a conversation starter. It’s new. It’s fresh. It’s a completely new way of doing advertising. It makes the customer happy. It makes the agency happy,” adds Edu Lima, who is also an ECD at W+K.


“The concept behind Old Spice and the show we created are completely aligned with the essence of the Space channel, which gives our fans a lot of adrenaline and excitement. I have no doubt that our audience will identify with the reality show,” stated Luciana Rodrigues, Vice-president of Innovation at Turner Latin America.


Made By

Duração/Duration: 4×5 min+ 4×30″
Cliente/Client: Old Spice
Produto/Product: Old Spice Cabra Macho
Ano de Produção/Year of Production: 2017
Agência/Agency: Wieden + Kennedy São Paulo
Diretores Executivos de Criação/Executive Creative Directors: Edu Lima e Renato Simões
Diretores de Criação/Creative Directors: Bruno Oppido, Caio Mattoso, Rodrigo Mendes
Head of Art: Bruno Oppido
Redator/Copywriter: Rafael Melo
Diretor de Arte/Art Director: Felipe Paiva, Jose Ferraz
RTV/Agency Producer: Regiani Pettinelli, Ricardo Balbin (Chicão), Jin Park
Atendimento/Account: Isabel Rudge, Luana Gregorio, Bruno Capasso
Planejamento/Planner: Gui Pasculli, Marcelo Chabes, Diego Coelho
Mídia/Media: Alexandre Ugadin, Caio Melo, Guilherme Froiman, Liese Lemee
Aprovação Cliente/Client Approval: Isabel Pimentel, Leonardo Romero, Clarissa Cayedo, Julia Asakawa, Natalia Passarinho
Produtora/Production Company: Landia
Diretor/Director: LUCAS SHANNON
Diretor Executivo/Executive Director: Carol Dantas e Sebastian Hall
Diretor de Fotografia/Director of Photography: Mauricio Tibiriça
Diretor/ Coordenador de Produção/ Production Director: Camilla Bastos
Assistente de Coordenação/ Production Assistant: Gisele Castilho
Atendimento Produtora/ Account – Production Company: Rafael Passos
Head of Project Management: Mariana Fiordelice
Assistente de Direção/ Assistant Director: Juliana Cretella
Diretor de Arte/Art Director: Sebastian Beretta
Figurino/ Costume: Bruna dal Sasso
Coordenador de Pós Produção / VFX Producer: Thiago Avelaneda
Finalizador: Rafael Malavasi
Montador/Editor: Talles Miranda
Supervisor de Efeitos/ Special Effects Supervisor: Pepeu Sorrentino
Artistas de Composição / Art Composing: Felipe Beserra
Motion Designer: Thomas Mena
Correção de Cor / Color Grading: Marla Grading
Produtora de Som/ Audio Facility: Antfood
Sound Effects & Mix: Bruno Broaska, Fabian Jorge, Pablo Mello, Tiago Lins
Trilha – Produção/Soundtrack Production: Lourenço Schmidt, Amanda Grus, Luis Bergmann, Pedro Curvello, Vinicius Nunes
Atendimento Produtora de Som/Account – Audio Production House: Christiane Rachel, Renato Castro
Locutor/Announcer: Edinho Moreno e Gabriel Von Brixen
Pós-Produtora/Post House: Outra Post