5Star Launches a Video Scripted from Facebook Comments

“After taking just one bite, our copywriter thought he could write the script for a video using just the comments on a Facebook post.” Using this premise and continuing the One Bite and it Hits You campaign, Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo launched its new interactive action for Lacta 5Star.

The campaign, which started with a single post, had over 2,000 comments from fans and the producers claim that, one way or another, all comments were considered when writing the script. “The video features crazy sets and questionable continuity, a true reflection the best and the worst of the Internet,” said Eduardo Lima, Executive Creative Director at W+K.

The campaign’s first interactive video, shot by The Youth, a trio of directors from Boiler Filmes, airs less than three weeks after the brand’s fans started writing the script. “This production was different from anything we have ever done. Scriptwriting and filming were virtually done in real time,” said Bruno Oppido, Head of Art at the agency. “It was a massive brainstorming session that involved thousands of people. The result is a fast-paced, surreal story that consumers will be predisposed to like, given that they will be featured in the credits,” added Renato Simões.

The video premiere will be shown exclusively to the users who left comments. The campaign will also feature two new scripts, both of which start being written and filmed in September.

Made By



Trilogia 5Star


30″, 2′




Lacta 5Star

Ano de Produção/Year of Production



Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo

Diretores Executivos de Criação/Executive Creative Directors

Renato Simões/ Eduardo Lima

Head de Arte/ Head of Art

Bruno Oppido

Diretores de Criação/Creative Directors


Rafael Melo

Diretor de Arte/Art Director

Felipe Paiva/ José Ferraz

RTV/Agency Producer

Regiani Pettinelli/ Ricardo Balbin

Produtor Digital/Digital Producer

Desenvolvimento Digital/Digital Deploy


Daniela Glicenstajn/ Tiago Lima/ Camila Mello/ Isabele Garcia/ Daniela Janecek


Luana Azeredo/ Lais San Galo

Social Strategy

Carolina Siper/ Gabriela Arieira/ Julia Garcia


Alexandre Ugadin/ Rachid Antun/ Juliana Mol/ Lais Folsta/ Daniela Araújo

BI/Business Inteligence

Eliel Guilhen/ Paulo Teixeira/ Karol Oliveira

Graphic Production

Aprovação Cliente/Client Approval

Ana Paula Nóbrega Sarrão/ Yana Leocádio/ Julia Ávila Gimenes

Ilustração/ Illustrator

Produtora/Production Company

Boiler Filmes


The Youth

Diretor de Fotografia/Director of Photography

Yuri Maranhão


Nani Matias

Produtor Executivo

Luiz Braga

Coordendor de Produção

Cris Moura

Coordenador de Pós

Fernando Barbieri


João Machado

Atendimento Produtora/ Account – Production Company

Rachel Buzzoleti / Lia Giuliani

Produtora de Som/ Audio Facility

Evil Twin

Trilha – Criação/Soundtrack Composing

André Faria e Murilo Faria

Trilha – Produção/Soundtrack Production

André Faria, Murilo Faria e Daniel Santos

Atendimento Produtora de Som/Account – Audio Production House

Juliana Tangary e Carolina Couto



Pós-Produtora/Post House

Clan VFX