Nike and W+K São Paulo Celebrate Corinthians’ Seventh National Championship

Nike and W+K São Paulo Celebrate Corinthians’ Seventh National Championship

November 26 was a special day for Nike, W+K São Paulo and Corinthians. While the players raised the trophy of the seventh national championship on the field, the fans received a present in the stands.

A newspaper with photos and articles that portray the unwavering faith of Corinthians fans.

The newspaper did not feature the traditional binding, allowing fans to transform each loose page into a poster.

During three months, photographers Fabrício Brambatti, Gabriel Bianchini and Tommaso Protti of the agency Angústia.Photo captured the devotion of both anonymous and celebrity fans, as well as of the players themselves.

“We collected stories of fans who transformed their lives because of Corinthians. Publishing this in a newspaper format highlights the team’s broad fan base and strengthens the idea that the club is the people’s team,” said Bruno Oppido, Head of Art / Creative Director at W+K002E

A total of 35,000 copies were printed, which is equivalent to 5 tons of newspaper.

Writer, scriptwriter and Corinthians fanatic Marcelo Rubens Paiva was in charge of creating the opening segment of the piece.

“The Black and White Faith campaign lasted almost one year. After winning the championship, we had to come up with an emblematic piece to wrap up this story,” said Caio Mattoso and Rodrigo Mendes, Creative Directors at W+K.

In addition to distributing the newspaper at the stadium, we are going to send thousands of copies to Corinthians fans around the world.

The newspaper was also made available free of charge at newspaper stands, such as the newspaper stand in front of Pacaembu Stadium. All of the stories of faith can also be read at nike.com/corinthians.

Made By

Cliente/Client: Nike
Produto/Product: Futebol – Corinthians
Ano de Produção/Year of Production: 2017
Agência/Agency: Wieden + Kennedy São Paulo
Diretores Executivos de Criação/Executive Creative Directors: Edu Lima e Renato Simões
Diretores de Criação/Creative Directors: Bruno Oppido, Caio Mattoso, Rodrigo Mendes
Head of Art: Bruno Oppido
Redator/Copywriter: Adriano Sato
Diretor de Arte/Art Director: Bruno Oppido, Alexandre Ruda
RTV/Agency Producer: Regiani Pettinelli, Ricardo Balbin, Bruno Oliveira
Produtor Gráfico: Rubens Galera
Fotografia/Photography: Angustia Photo (Fabricio Brambatti, Gabriel Bianchini, Tommaso Protti)
Atendimento/Account: Isabel Rudge, Fulvio Itagiba, Marinna Santos
Planejamento/Planner: Gui Pasculli, Marcelo Chabes, Renato Migrone, Henrique Kuniyosi, Felipe Zyman, Taina Castilho,Tiago Tuiui
Mídia/Media: Alexandre Ugadin, Vinicius Tieppo, Bruno Andrare, Vanessa Oliveira, Lucas Meira
Aprovação Cliente/Client Approval: Daniel Ferreira, Caue Oliveira, Flavia Silva, Marina Alonso