Skol Beats presents the SKOL BEATS TOWER festival, which invites everyone to discover many different nights out inside the same party

A single location, four floors, and eight different parties at a festival the likes of which has never been seen in Brazil

The brand’s initiative, in partnership with Wieden + Kennedy, promises a festival unlike anything that has ever been done before in the country, and invites guests to be surprised by the adventure of discovering the many different nights out that exist at one party. SKOL BEATS TOWER will combine eight different nightclubs on four floors of a building in downtown São Paulo, for six days, on two weekends.

One single location will offer people the chance to enjoy the nightclubs D-edge, Alberta #3, Bar Secreto, and Green Valley, as well as one music festival and three surprise parties that have yet to be unveiled.

To entice people to experience the adventure of something entirely new, the event’s address will only be revealed on the eve of the first night. Even more surprises are in store.

The festival brings to life the concept “Redondo means dancing to a different Beat,” which has permeated the brand’s campaign this year.

To promote this experience, Wieden + Kennedy has developed a campaign that integrates the concept “Redondo means dancing to a different Beat” with the festival’s concept of bringing together different experiences in a single building.

In a video designed exclusively for digital channels, the screen splits into four parts, each part representing a floor in the building in a medley of images that evoke sensations, temptations, and a lot of fun.

The event is being produced by the agency Haute.