Wieden+Kennedy Champions Optimism in an Institutional Video for the Agency

Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo launches an institutional video about the country’s present situation and its future outlook. The agency felt that it was time to express a point of view on Brazil’s current situation and so the video is a manifesto championing optimism. We all want a better country, a country that grows, and not just economically. But the first step toward this goal is for us, Brazilians, to believe. That’s why the time has come to believe, even if our reasons to believe are few, even if we don’t know why.

The agency chose to portray this positive outlook from the perspective of a child, a boy who was born during a time when Brazil was on the rise and everything seemed like it would turn out very well. And today, this boy is growing up in more difficult times. But from his perspective, the future needs to be bright; things simply need to turn out right.

The agency intends to create space for dialogue, to show that the responsibility now rests with us, because there are no more global events coming up and the international market is no longer as fascinated with Brazil. The time has come to believe, even if it seems that our reasons to believe are not clear.

Our point of view is that we need a little childlike innocence and optimism to get moving and continue growing.

The video was produced by Stink and directed by Square Head. It was shot in Comunidade Tavares Bastos in Rio de Janeiro.