Skol Beats Secret launch piques curiosity

There’s nothing better than mysteries wrapped up in a good secret to make a party even more irresistible.  Designed for those who love the nightlife and partying, Skol Beats Secret is here to join the brand’s product line, which already includes the Senses and Spirit versions, and brings with it many revelations. Red on the inside and the outside, Secret offers an explosion of flavor with a touch of wild berries. What’s more, it’s the first drink packaged in a glass bottle that is truly red, not just stained red. The technology used to produce the glass is unprecedented. It has been in development for 6 years and was an investment by the brand, which helped expedite the R&D carried out at Owens Illinois, the largest glass container manufacturer in the world.

To launch this mysterious liquid, the brand created the “two lies, one secret” challenge for social media. The game challenged consumers to tell two lies and one secret on their social media pages and was promoted by celebrities like Cleo Pires, Bruno Gagliasso, Isabeli Fontana and Hugo Gloss. The challenge, video and other campaign assets were created by the Wieden+Kennedy agency in São Paulo.

The video rather provocatively sparks the viewer’s curiosity by depicting a character resolute on discovering the secret of a mysterious party.  The final result is a non-linear sensory narrative that goes right to the point of the brand concept: the indecipherable. It was produced by Stink and directed by Cassiano Prado and André Faccioli.

“Nothing piques our curiosity more than a secret that hasn’t been revealed (or is revealed gradually). We created the entire Skol Beats Secret launch campaign around this simple premise. We started with an unbranded action on social media, which invited people to share two lies and one secret with their friends. With the “secret” topic heated up, we proceed to launch the video on TV and online, as well as the other campaign pieces. Each action contributed in its own way to establishing an atmosphere of mystery around the Secret brand,” notes Renato Simões, Executive Creative Director at Wieden+Kennedy SP.

“Our greatest challenge was to entice the audience by showing that something was going on but not instantly revealing what it was. We were extra careful during the entire launch action to only reveal hints little by little. Only later did we reveal the big news: Skol Beats Secret, a mixed drink made for people who live intensely and like the unexpected,” said Fábio Baracho, director of Skol.


Made By

Ficha Técnica

Title: Indecifrável

Client: Ambev

Product: Skol Beats Secret

Duration: 30″

Executive Creative Director:  Renato Simões, Eduardo Lima

Creative Directors: Gustavo Victorino

Art Director: Renata El Dib, Raphael Taira

Copywriter: Ricardo Scarpa, Caio Leska

Agency Producer: Regiani Pettinelli, Ricardo Balbin (Chicão)

Account: Fernanda de Lamare, Alessandra Visintainer, Vinícius Lopes, Marina Moreira

Planning: Luana Azeredo, Renato Muller

Social Media: Larissa Perroni, Lana Zurita

B.I: Paulo Vilarinho, Eduardo Macaroni

Media: Alexandre Ugadin, Daniela Dib, Rafael Assis, André Chiapetta, Lais Folsta, Andre Chiapetta, Guilherme Froiman

Client approval: Paula Lindenberg, Fabio Baracho Martinelli, Diana Maranhão, Taciana Ávila, Gabriela Gallo

Production Company: Stink

Director: Cassiano Prado & André Faccioli

Executive Director: Ingrid Raszl

Executive Producer: Guilherme Passos

Editor: Danilo Abraham

Director of Photography: André Faccioli

Account – Production Company: Claudio Tolentino

Áudio: Soup!

Soundtrack: Soup!

Soundtrack Production: Soup!

Account – Audio Production House: Mariana Valentini

Sound Design : Marcelo Baldin

Announcer: André Faria, Valentina

Post House: Clan