SUBWAY® introduces the New Chicken Teriyaki sandwich that even angels cannot resist

Since the recent launch of its repositioning campaign, SUBWAY® has been inviting consumers to try something new every day. Now, SUBWAY® itself has tried something new by changing one of its best-selling items, the Chicken Teriyaki sandwich. As of November 16, the sandwich has been made with seasoned strips of 100% chicken breast meat that are juicier and tastier than before.

To communicate this news, Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo created a new campaign based on videos made for Broadcast and Pay TV. The videos show a consumer, who already is a fan of the sandwich, sitting at the restaurant and wondering: “Why change something that was already so good?” After trying the new sandwich, the consumer enters a state of complete bliss that literally lifts him up to the heavens. But he doesn’t find perfection: when he gets up there, a shifty-looking angel swipes our hero’s Chicken Teriyaki sandwich.

In addition to TV commercials, the launch strategy includes tie-ins on the X-Factor program, online videos for social media, radio spots and outdoor media throughout Brazil.

Renato Ribeiro, Marketing Director for SUBWAY® Brazil, explains that striving for outstanding quality and the continuous improvement of the products is at the very foundation of the brand. Around the world, SUBWAY® restaurants are known for their light and fresh menu options. Subway has conducted surveys that show that these types of products are very relevant to consumers and increase brand loyalty, Renato explains.

Renato Simões, chief creative director at Wieden+Kennedy, adds: “Fixing something that isn’t broken is always a bold move. And that is exactly what SUBWAY® did by enhancing one of its best-selling items. In the launch video for the new Chicken Teriyaki sandwich, we describe (although in a slightly exaggerated way) how you feel when you try the sandwich.”


Made By

Ficha Técnica

Title: Voo
Client: SUBWAY
Product: Novo Frango Teriyaki
Duration: 30″
Executive Creative Director: Renato Simões e Eduardo Lima
Art Director: Felipe Revite, Eduardo Tallia
Copywriter: Rodrigo Visconti, Guilherme Souza, Henrique Castilho
Agency Producer: Regiani Pettinelli, Tais Olhiara
Account: Daniela Glicenstajn, Maura Victorelli, Leticia Fischer
Planning: Guilherme Pasculli, Renato Migrone
Media: Alexandre Ugadin,Guilherme Cavalcante, Caio Melo, Guilherme Froiman, Jessica Santana, Gabriel Bernardino
Client approval: Renato Ribeiro, Leandro Florio, Vania Santos
Production Company: FatBastards
Director: Alaska
Line Producer: Henrique Danieletto
Editor: Alaska
Director of Photography: Pierre de Kerchove
Executive Producer:  Andre Pinho, Fernando Carvalho e Henrique Danieletto
Audio Facility:  Big Foote
Soundtrack Composing: Chris Jordão e Equipe Big Foote
Soundtrack Production: Chris Jordão e Equipe Big Foote
Account: Xanna D’aguiar
Post House: Nash VFX