The Inexplicable Jersey

Nike launches the new Corinthians third jersey.

To launch the new Corinthians third jersey, Nike looked back on some of the club’s most memorable moments. Working with the concept of “Corinthians is not something that can be explained,” the brand launched a video inviting fans to reminisce about some of the team’s inexplicable achievements, from the time it broke the longest dry spell of its history, to impressive Corinthians dribbles and memorable icons, and finally the team’s most recent inexplicable act: the new blue jersey.

The video, created by Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo in partnership with Boiler Filmes and directed by The Youth, debuted September 13, the same day players first hit the field wearing the new jersey.


Made By

Ficha  Técnica

Title: Corinthians Não Se Explica

Client:  Nike

Product: Clubes/Corinthians

Duration: 1:02

Executive Creative Director:  Renato Simões, Eduardo Lima

Creative Directors: Rodrigo Mendes, Caio Mattoso

Art Director: Alan Chung, Mihail Aleksandrov

Copywriter: Niko Salim, Matheus Sanches, Guilherme Souza, Rafael Campbello

Agency Producer: Regiani Petti, Felipe Rangel

Account: Isabel Rudge, Gustavo Saab, Ramiro Del-Cid

Planning: Gui Pasculli, Marcelo Chabes

Social Media: Fernando Cury, Andre Pinheiro, Henrique Kuniyosi

Media: Stephanie Campbell, Vinicius Tieppo, Natalia Maróstica, Vanessa Oliveira

Client approval: Guilherme Mortensen, Andre Granja, Daniel Ferreira

Production Company: Boiler Filmes

Director: The Youth (Eduardo Lubiazi)

Producer: Karin Nantes, Felipe Piu

Editor: The Youth (João Machado)

Director of Photography: The Youth (Yuri Maranhão)

Audio Facility:  Satelite Audio

Soundtrack Composing: Equipe Satelite

Soundtrack Production:  Equipe Satelite

Account – Audio Production House: Fernanda Costa / Nicole Bonani

Announcer: Cléber Colombo

Post House: Célula