Wieden + Kennedy São Paulo launches its first campaign for Sprite

The agency came out with a Sprite take over during rush our of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro cities. More then 2500 OOH pieces in the main avenues, metro and train stations had only Sprite’s advertising for 1 hour plus traffic information on radios and MTV.

Stay Fresh is the new concept created and Fresh Drops  are pills of crazy freshness to bring refreshment in a sensory and irreverent way.

The idea is to unlock potential in Brazil by reconnecting and giving Sprite a role in people’s lives. The proposal is to redefine the way we talk about freshness when the category codes are all very similar bringing a young, irreverent and especially nonlinear language to connect with our audience.

The new concept is just the beginning of a major project that gains all its strength in the summer, with numerous street activations seeking to reconnect the brand to consumers.

Made By


Fresh Drops



Ano de produção/Year of Production



Wieden + Kennedy SP

Diretores Executivos de Criação/Executive Creative Directors

Edu Lima e Renato Simões


Rafael Melo

Diretor de Arte/Art Director

Felipe Paiva e José Ferraz

RTV/Agency Producer

Regiani Petti, Thais Bonizzi

Produtor Digital/Digital Producer

Mauricio Yamashita e Ricardo Barbin

Produtora Digital/Digital Production Company



Ana Clara Grana, Tathiana Januário e Julia Wollmann


André Troster, Laís Sangalo, Fernando Prado e Bruna Coelho

Data Strategy

Eliel Guilhen, Fernando Ruiz e Rachel Pepe

Social Strategy

Carol Siper, Gabriel Marchi, Bruno Perazio e Gabriela Queiro


Caio Melo, Rachid Antun, Alex Bezerra, Guilherme Salgueiro, Gabriela Monteiro e Carla Tassi

Aprovação Cliente/Client Approval

Selman Careaga, Pedro Abondanza, Ana Carolina Santos, Bruno Alonso e Mariana David