Old Spice, a brand created over 85 years ago by male grooming specialists, is introducing Sovacaria Old Spice (Old Spice Armpit Barbershop), a space fully dedicated to armpits and whose goal is to teach men the correct way to use Old Spice Stick, proven to be more effective against sweating and odor.*

Ariel Blindado, a celebrity barber known as “King of the Bulletproof Cut”, was in charge of the armpit cuts offered in this immersive experience created by Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo.

The pop-up beauty salon will be open to the public until January 30th and offers free armpit cuts which have been dubbed “Pitcuts”, in addition to exclusive dos created specifically for men’s underarms. The campaign, whose motto is “Old Spice Raises the Bar”, will also be released on digital, with exclusive tutorials and content focused on underarms.

“The Sovacaria is an activation which reflects the unique spirit of Old Spice. It combines the brand’s playful nature with the superior performance of the stick variety, offering two times more protection against sweating. We want to be where our consumers are and offer them unique experiences to position Old Spice as an ally you can count on at any time, guaranteeing a combination of protection and fragrance which is irresistible”, says Marina Brasil, head of P&G’s deodorant offerings in Brazil.

Old Spice Stick antiperspirant can be found in Brazil’s top retailers, and more details about the Sovacaria are available on the brand’s Instagram: @oldspicebrasil.

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